What’s the problem? What are you trying to communicate?


Why do the readers need this?


How are you going to solve the problem? Or how would the tool you’re writing about solve it?


At Remitano, we use an essay template to write internally. A post would contain 3 to 4 headings that answer questions: What, Why, How. It’s like a mini-paper. I find it a quick way to incite discussion but still can present my writing logically. Whenever I have an idea, I’d jot it down and start gathering people’s thoughts.

Now I’m applying this to my blog. Thanks to the posts being short, I can start lazily and write regularly. They don’t need to be deep and require a lot of effort, so the writing is easy enough to form a good writing habit. My goal is to write twice a week. I can always research and update the posts on weekends if needed.

Personally, I’d like to add a Conclusion session at the end. It seems like the right thing to do.