Crypto and Fiat converter or my attempt to build a Ruby gem from a previous Python project. I had a lot of fun building this one thanks to bundler providing a framework. It had me realize that I take for granted how quickly a framework can help set up a development, and also how I need to read code more often to know how things (mainly Rails) just work together magically. Things I have learn: how to use thor to create command-line interface, how to publish a gem, and how to be responsible for your code.


The classic sudoku solver, but fast, and with CLI. I used to solve this problem with my eyes close. However, to set up a repository, to write good tests, and to make a good design out of it is a completely different story. This is the first project I applied test-driven development and some design patterns from poodr.


This is my collection of leetcode problems. Occasionally, I’ll write algorithms and data structures from scratch. The purpose is to practice and showcase clean code with explanation and complexity analysis. I primarily use Python over Ruby (which I use professionally) because Python supports a wider range of libraries for solving algorithmic problems.


CLI browser for Reddit. This is my first ever CLI software and published package. It still works surprisingly well after all those years.